Hello world and the introduction to my theory on writers block…

Hello Internet world! WordPress told me to say hello to you and let’s face it, I should probably do what I am told to for my entrance into this brand new world of blogging, lest I make a less than stellar first impression.  But just in case I do, here is a picture of my adorable writing companion to make up for it:


I have a theory about writers block that I would like to share with you. first of all I have not been able to completely convince myself that the inability to get words down on paper (or virtual paper) is in fact what we refer to as writers block. Thats right, you heard me! Could it possibly be instead laziness or lack of inspiration? If it is, doesn’t it make sense that writing through it should help with the process, even if the writing is random and (for lack of a better word) craptastic? For purposes of this blog, I’m gonna go with yes.

I have always wanted to write a novel and when I say always I truly mean alwaaays or at least for as long as I can remember  (really, I used to make my friends write stories with me when they came over to play). You would think that it would make it easy for me to just sit down and plunk out a novel as an adult right? Well, actually…no.  I am not trained in writing, it is not a huge part of my educational background (I went to school for Microbiology), but what I lack in training I plan to make up for with passion and I’ve had an idea for a story brewing in my head for a while now that I think I could love, so I am going to let it settle and figure itself out a bit more, establish its place in my mind if you will, then I will start the process of giving  it substance on paper. I’m going to need a lot of help, but I’m ready for it, let this journey begin!


About trfloyd

Compulsive reader, attempted runner and goldendoodle enthusiast. I write things and I may be a little bit addicted to Starbucks.
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One Response to Hello world and the introduction to my theory on writers block…

  1. Michelle says:

    Love it, your honesty and your writing partner. If you truly believe, it will come.

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