Face off with the creepy and crawly

Story of the day:

You know how when you are home all alone and you see a nasty bug in your house, you are faced with a tough decision? You either are immediately on the defense, like a whole SWAT team in one person. pr maybe you just hop around and squeal a lot? (I admit I do this sometimes too). Today however I was home all alone and heard the distinct buzzing noise of a bug in my house. After wandering all over the house for 10 minutes in search of said bug,  I finally found it swarming around a recessed light in the ceiling. It’s like the bug knew that because I am only 5’1″ and there’s absolutely no chance I could reach it up there,  it would sit up there and taunt me until I gave in and let it co-habitate with me. I had other ideas.After what seemed like a very long stare down, I was able to stand on my couch and swat if off the ceiling. It flailed around ultimately landed on the floor where I quickly inspected it to see how hard I would have to hit it in order to kill it. Seeing a hard shell, I knew I would have to hit it fairly hard. I swung the fly swatter back and smacked the gross bug. I did succeed in killing it, though yes I did feel a little bit bad, until it squished clear gunk out all over my floor in retribution.



About trfloyd

Compulsive reader, attempted runner and goldendoodle enthusiast. I write things and I may be a little bit addicted to Starbucks.
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