Face off with the creepy and crawly

Story of the day:

You know how when you are home all alone and you see a nasty bug in your house, you are faced with a tough decision? You either are immediately on the defense, like a whole SWAT team in one person. pr maybe you just hop around and squeal a lot? (I admit I do this sometimes too). Today however I was home all alone and heard the distinct buzzing noise of a bug in my house. After wandering all over the house for 10 minutes in search of said bug,  I finally found it swarming around a recessed light in the ceiling. It’s like the bug knew that because I am only 5’1″ and there’s absolutely no chance I could reach it up there,  it would sit up there and taunt me until I gave in and let it co-habitate with me. I had other ideas.After what seemed like a very long stare down, I was able to stand on my couch and swat if off the ceiling. It flailed around ultimately landed on the floor where I quickly inspected it to see how hard I would have to hit it in order to kill it. Seeing a hard shell, I knew I would have to hit it fairly hard. I swung the fly swatter back and smacked the gross bug. I did succeed in killing it, though yes I did feel a little bit bad, until it squished clear gunk out all over my floor in retribution.


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Writers anxiety and such

There is something about sitting down with a fresh new idea that has been bubbling up to the surface waiting to be hashed out that is liberating and freeing and quite frankly…just plain awesome. You know what I am talking about…that feeling you get when you can make something be anything that you want it to be? How cool is it, that you can take a teeny little idea and make it into a huge world that works exactly the way that you want it to? Is there anything better than that? I’m not sure that there is. However I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma. I haven’t recently realized that there is a little possibility that I might be an itty bitty bit of a control freak. Really! Who knew? I start panicking when the story starts taking over…you know sweaty palms, constant editing and re-editing every little word that makes it onto the page due to my irrational fear that somebody someday (probably my mom and maybe even my husband) might actually read it? What will they think? I start obsessively asking myself…is this part too unbelievable, or is that part just flat out boring? This leads me in to my new realization… I think I have writers anxiety. Seriously! I do… if there is such a thing. How can I have something that may not exist you might ask? Well, I don’t really know actually, but i’m 99.9% certain that I do. Is it curable? Let’s hope so. I am going to do something I haven’t done for a long time, I employ the rules of writing I did when I was a kid…I am going to write for myself, what I want to see on the paper! What a novle idea.


Sometimes kids just know best.

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[Insert brilliant idea here] ;)

I woke up this morning with the urge to get writing! This is great considering some other mornings I just wake up with the urge to go back to sleep. The ideas are flowing and I think they might be starting to come together a little bit more (maybe? possibly?)  and if all goes well, maybe I can start getting some of them down on paper…assuming they continue to turn themselves into full fledged ideas that is.


In other news my writing companion isn’t quite as roaring to go today as I am


Let’s see if we can’t wake him up with a quick trip to the doggy park. 

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Hello world and the introduction to my theory on writers block…

Hello Internet world! WordPress told me to say hello to you and let’s face it, I should probably do what I am told to for my entrance into this brand new world of blogging, lest I make a less than stellar first impression.  But just in case I do, here is a picture of my adorable writing companion to make up for it:


I have a theory about writers block that I would like to share with you. first of all I have not been able to completely convince myself that the inability to get words down on paper (or virtual paper) is in fact what we refer to as writers block. Thats right, you heard me! Could it possibly be instead laziness or lack of inspiration? If it is, doesn’t it make sense that writing through it should help with the process, even if the writing is random and (for lack of a better word) craptastic? For purposes of this blog, I’m gonna go with yes.

I have always wanted to write a novel and when I say always I truly mean alwaaays or at least for as long as I can remember  (really, I used to make my friends write stories with me when they came over to play). You would think that it would make it easy for me to just sit down and plunk out a novel as an adult right? Well, actually…no.  I am not trained in writing, it is not a huge part of my educational background (I went to school for Microbiology), but what I lack in training I plan to make up for with passion and I’ve had an idea for a story brewing in my head for a while now that I think I could love, so I am going to let it settle and figure itself out a bit more, establish its place in my mind if you will, then I will start the process of giving  it substance on paper. I’m going to need a lot of help, but I’m ready for it, let this journey begin!

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